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Journey to Mars Mathematics Project - Moon Ergonomics 

12-02-2020 15:07:13

Ergonomics is a discipline focused on the design of tools and equipment so that they can be used safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Ergonomics is used in the construction of spacecraft and spacesuits.

Instead of focusing on the somewhat complex design of spacesuits, let’s consider the height requirements of astronauts. Based on measurements from the ANSUR II study, which was a   2012 “anthropometric survey” (ANSUR) of 6068 U.S. Army personnel, assume that the populations of heights of adult males and females are both normally distributed with these parameters: For males, the mean height is 69.1 in. and the standard deviation is 2.7 in., and for females, the mean height is 64.1 in. and the standard deviation is 2.5 in. Address the following questions.


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