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Free Math Games for Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Co-requisite Courses 

14 days ago

Enliven your online or face to face classroom with three fun games at The games are a great way to break up class time during summer session or co-requisite courses, or use as a discussion starter in online asynchronous classes!

The games were created as part of a grant #1501499 for the National Science Foundation. Games cover concepts in pre-algebra, algebra and precalculus, and can also be played just for fun!

A blog article about the games, via Internet Scout Research Group, can be found here and t
his video from the ATE conference has a play through of each game with ideas for how to use the games in class. (To watch the video, click on the “play” button — ignore the session time note!)

For all three games, I recommend allowing the students time to play during class; it can be a great way to break up the intense number of hours in class during the summer session or in co-requisite courses. After students have played one of the games for a while, it can be fun to talk about how they solved some of the harder problems, to make conscious what students learned from gameplay. If you also decide to use the games as homework or in an asynchronous online class, you can ask students to take a screenshot showing how far they got, or screenshots showing ones they found difficult, or were really proud of solving, to talk about in class or on the class discussion board.

Games can be used on ipad, iphone, MAC or PC. Downloads and more information can be found on the website:

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