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02-23-2021 19:52

The tools provided on this site were prepared by Daniel Ozimek, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences -- located in Lancaster, PA.

About these tools:

These virtual manipulatives provide learners an opportunity to "prepare" the medication to administer after completing a dosage calculation task.

After completing a dosage task, learners can select the most appropriate tool/vehicle, "fill" or prepare the correct amount to administer, and provide additional details pertinent to the dosage order (i.e. medication strength and amount being administered).

By doing so, learners connect dosage calculations provided "on paper" to the tools and reasoning processes they might experience in clinical practice.

Instructor Notes:

I usually provide a link or QR code to these tools with the dosage calculation task on a quiz or other assignment.

Students submitting their work for a quiz take a screen shot of the tool, or use a smart phone or other device to take a picture to submit with their assignment.

Students can also type their last name in the text box (after entering the amount to administer or medication strength) to reduce the potential for sharing screen shots/pictures.

Additionally, these tools can be used by an instructor to create "pre-filled" amounts for in-class problems or quizzes. For example, an instructor can "fill" a syringe, take a screen shot, and include the picture with a problem. This is especially useful for tasks that prompt students to "confirm a colleague's work" and/or "identify the error" in one's reasoning or calculation processes.


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