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The Glass Ceiling 

21 days ago

This is a small group project that asks students to research both the glass ceiling for women in the United States over time and the gender pay gap in the United States over time. I have used it in College Algebra, but it could be used in any course that addresses linear function models. The groups have to meet outside of class to do the research on both social justice issues and then create a PowerPoint that shows what they found using multiple mathematical representations, use these models to make predictions, and use the mathematics to argue whether or not the glass ceiling is starting to break and whether or not the gender pay gap is shrinking. They have four weeks to complete the assignment. They must send a draft PowerPoint at the two-week mark. The rubric is used to provide feedback on criteria that they did not address or areas where the work needs to be improved. Each groups presents its PowerPoint to the class. Each student not in the presenting group uses the rubric to assess the group's PowerPoint. 

The project can be modified to look at the two issues for subgroups such as Black women or Hispanic women. Students can be asked to look at women in positions of power in both the corporate sector and the government sector. The project can be brought closer to home by focusing on the two issues in your state.

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