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Announcing Request for Proposals for MAA OPEN Math workshops

  • 1.  Announcing Request for Proposals for MAA OPEN Math workshops

    Posted 09-08-2023 13:02:00

    Dear colleagues, 

    I have been following with interest the conversation about online vs. in-person professional development. I am running a program for MAA called OPEN Math, which has as its premise, "Online PD is much more broadly accessible, so we should figure out the right ways to do it.We have recently posted our Request-for-Proposals for leading a 2024 MAA OPEN Math workshop, and I hope that some of you might be interested in submitting a proposal in order to be part of this effort.

    You may have read about this project in some recent issues of MAA FOCUS (such as here or here or here). – the short version is that we provide intensive, summer teaching-intensive faculty development workshops using online delivery so we can reach all parts of the community equally.  Each workshop has a $12K budget to pay facilitators, presenters, materials, etc. For context, I'm listing the 2022 and 2023 session titles below. There is more information on the project website, http://maa.org/open-math.,

    • Active Learning in Differential Equations Inspired by Modeling

    • Designing Professional Development Programs for Graduate Student Teaching Assistants 

    • Engaging Multivariable Calculus Students using CalcPlot3D and 3D-Printed Surfaces

    • Infusing Practical Harm Reduction Strategies

    • Inclusive Active Learning in Introductory Mathematics Courses

    • Inclusion and Inquiry: Fostering Student Belonging and Ownership

    • Leveraging the MAA Instructional Practices Guide in Coordinating Large Multi-section Courses

    • Mentoring Undergraduates in Research: A DEI Approach

    • Modeling Inspiration for Differential Equations

    • Redesigning Your Course for Mastery Grading

    • Rich Mathematical Tasks in Mathematics for Elementary Teacher Courses

    • Utilizing Technology to Teach Data-Centric Statistics

    The deadline for submitting a proposal for a 2024 workshop is October 30 with notification about a decision occurring around December 1. The required information and the actual submission portal can be found on the project website, http://maa.org/open-math

    If you are only tangentially interested (= not this year), you should know that our funding grants (NSF DUE-2111260, DUE-2111273) runs through 2025. I am happy to answer any questions or to get on the phone to explain more.



    Doug Ensley
    Director of MAA OPEN Math
    Mathematical Association of America