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FREE Webinars from SIMIODE

  • 1.  FREE Webinars from SIMIODE

    Posted 05-02-2024 18:44:00

    SIMIODE is proud to announce complete information and recordings of three FREE Spring 2024 Webinar presentations for your edification. Please visit, enjoy, and gain insight.

    Title: Using Insightmaker to Enhance Understanding in a First ODE Course

     Presenter: Erich McAlister, Fort Lewis College, Durango CO USA https://qubeshub.org/community/groups/simiode/publications?id=4772&v=1

    Title: Using WikiModel to Rapidly Create, Simulate, Fit and Share Mathematical Models

    Speaker: Sami Kanderian, Founder and Creator of WikiModel, Germantown MD USA

    Title: A Practical Guide for Incorporating Ethical Reasoning into Mathematics Courses through Modeling Problems


    ·       Feryâl Alayont, Grand Valley State University, Allendale MI USA

    ·       Korana Burke, University of California, Davis, Davis CA USA

    ·        Jeremy Shaw, Oregon State University-Cascades, Bend OR USA


    Join us at https://qubeshub.org/community/groups/simiode to learn more about how to effectively use modeling to motivate and teach differential equations through our hundreds of FREE resources.

    Brian Winkel