Equity Committee LogoThe purpose of the Equity ANet is to increase mathematics achievement for diverse learners.


  • educates about equitable classroom practices and fosters a dialogue on how to improve them;
  • provides opportunities to learn about and discuss structural inequality and organizational change;
  • increases awareness about issues of diversity within AMATYC membership and leadership; and
  • works collaboratively with other AMATYC committees, Project ACCCESS, and ANets to promote equity.

Chair: Ben Aschenbrenner (equityinmathed@gmail.com)
AMATYC Board Liaison:  Nancy Rivers (nriversnc@gmail.com),  AMATYC Secretary

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Announcements List

  • IMPACT Update - Equity Meeting

    Equity updates - 

  • March Equity Anet Meeting

    We will meet on zoom this Friday (sorry for the late notice)! The time below was the most popular time (11/17 respondents said they could do it)
    The agenda will follow the updates and we will have time to connect and share too.
    Meeting time:
    1-2PM PST
    2-3PM MST
    3-4PM CST
    4-5PM EST
    Hope to see you there!
  • IMPACT update on Equity

    You think you’re just a drop in the ocean…but look at the ripple effect one drop can make! (IMPACT, p7).  You can help create a ripple by joining the newly formed IMPACT Team.

    The IMPACT Team is reviewing and/or proposing updates to our standards in preparation for the Toronto conference.  The focus will be on the following:

    • Crossroads Standards (Pedagogy, Content, Intellectual Development) 
    • Beyond Crossroads (Implementation)
    • Equity
    • Pathways
    • Statistics/Data Science
    • Technology

    If you are interested in joining the IMPACT Team please provide the information requested on this form by March 21st.  

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Julie Phelps (jphelps@amatyc.org), Evan Evans (eevans@amatyc.org) or Karen Gaines (karengaines@amatyc.org).

  • Inclusive STEM Teaching Project Course

    The Inclusive STEM Project is offering a 6-week MOOC, starting March 23.

    The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and ability of STEM faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and staff to cultivate inclusive learning environments for all their students and to develop themselves as reflective, inclusive practitioners. In addition, these ideas and concepts are valuable to individuals in all aspects of education, such as high school teachers, instructors in the arts, humanities, law, medicine, social sciences, and other fields, as well as administrators and faculty developers.

    The modules cover the following themes designed to help instructors construct classroom environments that support the complexities that contribute to student persistence: social identity and its impact on learning; power, positionality, and privilege; inclusive course design; interruption of oppression and microaggressions; and evidence-based teaching. 

    For more information and to register go to https://www.inclusivestemteaching.org/

  • Input Requested!

     I wanted to open a space for you to have some input on what the most important work of this group is. I have created a google form (I hope with correct settings) that will allow you to answer this question. I will report out on what people said at a later date. I will continue to plug this form so you have time to think about it and will be reminded of it. The mission statement is on our home page if that helps you think about this question

  • Position Statement Under Development - Call to Action

    The math intensive group is working on updating a position statement about the role of mathematics in getting a two year degree. Would you like to be involved in making some strong recommendations to this group around equity? What would it look like to be bold and reframe our AMATYC recommendation based from an equity lens? See this google doc for the current state of affairs.

    More generally, it would be good for us to be aware of all position statements being created and have some input on what is going forward.

  • Annual Plan for Equity Anet - Call to Action

    We want to create a plan of activity for the leadership and the membership of the equity Anet, to help people be informed about what is happening when. This could be posted in the library but also somewhere more visible so that people can easily refer to it. One of the main things I think the Anet is for is to connect us to each other and foster collaboration, specifically around presentations for the annual conference. We want to do a better job of facilitating presentation development all year long instead of trying to cram it into the two months between the conference and the new deadlines.  Jennifer Ackerman has already created a basic structure for Anet leads that will be a good starting place for this group.
    If you are interested in working on this let Ben know!
  • Update on use of my.amatyc.org

    Ok, so you are a member of my.amatyc.org and now what?

    There are two ways that you can actively participate in my.amatyc.org (speaking mostly from the perspective of our Anet). First, you can start a new discussion. Have an issue on your mind? Want to know what others thing about it? That’s the perfect place to start. Second, you can attach new documents to our library. If you find an article that is very helpful or a current event report that you think should be in our library post it! 

    You are always welcome to reach out to your chair, Ben, instead, but be encouraged to use the site to its full extent. That is what it is there for, and there is nothing more topical than equity in education.  If any of the Anets have the potential to really make use of the space, it is us.

    Finally, a great point was raised in the executive committee about the real need to reach people beyond the scope of faculty involved in AMATYC. What percent of faculty do we really interact with in AMATYC? How many more people might not even know we exist as a community and a place of support? If you have ideas about how to tackle a larger outreach program, let us know!

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