• Challenge Problem Submissions

    Please use this form link to submit your team's project: SRL 2020 Submission by noon on March 29th (in your time zone). Select the form link, complete the form and attach the SRL files (from your computer) you wish to send. When you are sure you are ready to submit, press "submit." You may send yourself a copy of the submission email by selecting the "cc me" box and entering your email.


    1. Entries should be sent in a Word document with all of the appropriate content as well as in PDF form in which the title page and any other pages that contain information about the team (including names of the team, Mentor, or the college) must be altered to remove that information to allow for anonymity during the review purposes.

    2. Both files names should contain the college and the Faculty Mentor's last name (ex: Springfield Community College Simpson). The PDF file name will be altered by the SRL Coordinator before submittal to the Evaluators.
    If you have any questions, please contact Karen Gaines at  or Beverly Vance in the AMATYC Office at