• September News and Notes!

    Welcome to September with all of its celebrations, transitions, and reflections!!
    Our AMATYC conference is earlier than usual this year 10/28 - 10/31 - just SEVEN weeks away! Have you had a chance to register? Check out the conference home page for a wealth of information, including masking information and the conference mini-program. There is also an online element to this year's conference, including the Delegate Assembly in November.

    Exciting conference notes:
    • kudos to the ITLC subcommittee for their work incorporating feedback from our two open forums on the Position Statement for Proctored Assessments for Courses Taught at a Distance as it goes before the Delegate Assembly (virtually) this November!
    • On Thursday 10/28, ITLC is hosting a Themed Session on Assessment at the conference! I'm excited to hear our presenters and am looking forward to continued conversations after the session - it's a subject under much discussion and scrutiny.
    • Our ITLC meeting is set for Saturday, 10/30 at 1:05 pm (the committee meetings are at different times to allow people to attend multiple meetings).
    • One of our biggest and most exciting events is Ignite 2021! Join us on Friday night from 6 - 8 pm for another fast paced and fun event! Have you considered presenting? It's a great way to share a new idea or some research - contact Eddie Tchertchian if you're interested in presenting!!
    Have you seen the IMPACT Live! Spotlight of the Month? ITLC is sponsoring the focus on student success this month so I hope you can all participate! if you have a moment, read the IMPACTful Thoughts blog by Nikki Williams or respond to the IMPACT in Action! discussions!

    Finally, I'm cohosting a faculty meet-up tomorrow 9/9 with Kathleen Almy for a focused conversation about innovations in mathematics teaching and learning. I hope you can join us to share some effective technologies used in distance learning!!

    Thank you all for being a part of this great community as we share innovative ideas and support for each other, especially during challenging times that call for new ways of thinking and looking at things!

    Jennifer Ackerman