• IMPACT Live! Opportunity!

    Dear ITLC,

    We've been invited to host the September 2021 Spotlight of the Month for IMPACT Live! That quarter of the year will focus on the pillar of Student Success, which fits in perfectly with our committee's work.
     We can provide help for faculty struggling with student success in the times of transitioning from F2F to online and possibly back to F2F in the fall.

    I need a few volunteers (two or three, but more are always welcome!) to commit to putting together the content for the month. Karen Gaines, the AMATYC Online Community Coordinator, will take care of posting everything.  

    Please send me an email by Friday, April 9, to let me know if you're willing to help gather content for posting and discussion prompts.

    Peace and best wishes to everyone as we move through our spring semesters!

    Jennifer Ackerman