• ITLC Meeting!

    Here is the agenda today for the ITLC Meeting at 1:05 pm in Cave Creek

    I'll try to attach the word file, but there were a few formatting errors with my conversion from word to HTML

    Unfortunately, we can't zoom during the meeting for our virtual attendees, but I will try to get minutes posted before next week's virtual conference.


    AMATYC Innovative Teaching and Learning Committee

    Meeting Agenda

    Saturday, October 30, 2021

    1:05 pm – 1:55 pm 


    1. Welcome and Introductions (Volunteer to take Minutes)
    2. Ignite 2021 – Thank you to Fred Feldon and Eddie Tchertchian #Ignite2021
    3. ITLC Communications 
      2. Spotlight on Impact! September 
      3. Mari Menard, Traveling Workshops


    1. Toronto 2022
      1. No Themed Session proposal submitted
      2. Not-for-Review session suggestions (due before normal proposals)


    1. Regional Representatives:  

    Need to replace Northeast and fill Mid-Atlantic Regions

    Need a representative for the Standards Committee



    Name of Representative

    A. Northeast Region

    George Hurlburt 

    B. Mid‐Atlantic Region 


    C. Southeast Region 

    Anne Magnuson 

    D. Midwest Region 

    Kim McHale 

    E. Central Region 

    Dan Petrak 

    F. Southwest Region 

    Rob Eby

    G. Northwest Region 

    Lorinda Fattic 

    H. West Region 

    Eric York 

    I.  At-large

    Pat Riley 




    Transition to “Executive Board” on January 1, 2022

    1. Review of Position Statement for Proctored Testing for Courses Taught at a Distance
      1. Two Open Forums (May/August)
      2. Motion to the Board to approve the position statement
      3. Feedback from the Board
      4. Thanks to Kim McHale, Nancy Rivers, Nan Sattler, Deeanna Antosh, Brian Hagelstrom, George Hurlburt, Anne Magnuson, Lorinda Fattic, and Dan Petrak
      5. Opportunity for Comments before the delegate assembly vote


    1. Sharing of innovative ideas from conference or other resources
    2. Other Business