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IMPACT Plus - High Impact Practices in the Math Classroom

By Alicia O'Brien posted 07-15-2021 16:21:08


In many subject areas traditional high-stakes assessment doesn’t give a holistic picture of what knowledge students may have mastered or what students need more time learning. High stakes assessments also overlook deeper learning of content. This discussion focuses on High Impact Practices in an online mathematics course for teacher education majors and how formative assessment and service learning foster positive attitudes towards mathematics. 

What is considered a High Impact Practice? A set of practices that have been tested and shown to be beneficial for many college students, particularly in historically underserved student populations. Research has shown that these practices have cumulative effects: the more HIPs a student experiences, the higher degree of retention and engagement. They are done with intention and systematically and require prolonged interaction with the learning material and most have been used for decades. (George Kuh)

What are some HIPs you have tried in your own math courses? Or, what are some HIPs you’ve thought of trying but have felt intimidated by? 


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