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IMPACT Plus: OWnership Discussion #2: Taking an Active Role in Course Design

By Ann Sitomer posted 06-12-2020 18:19:07


IMPACT Plus OWnership #2: Taking an Active Role in Course Design

Article: Pandemic Teaching Prescriptions

Taking an active role in course design has never been more important than it is right now. And many of us will have far more time to plan for Fall than we had to make teaching remote this past Spring. The article linked below introduces the acronym CCOMFE to help us think about teaching during a pandemic: C is for compassion for your students, C is for clear expectations, O is for organization, M is for multifaceted, and E is for engagement. These are all evidence-based practices, but ones we learned are especially important for remote teaching.

As you read the article, reflect on these aspects of teaching practice in terms of course design. What did you learn about course design this past spring that will inform the design of your courses this Fall? Will the course be organized differently? Will you design new mechanisms for student engagement?

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06-15-2020 11:18:48

I think that often as instructors we get stuck in a rut and don't make adjustments to our courses.  As a result of the pandemic and being forced to rethink WHAT and HOW we are teaching I think many instructors upped their game.  Sometimes there is a silver lining and I think better instruction and taking time to reexamine our courses was the case this year.