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IMPACT Plus #2 - Equity in the STEM Mathematics Pathway

By Helen Burn posted 07-27-2020 13:22:56

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Colleges committed to improving racial equality in the STEM mathematics pathway can
self-assess the degree to which they have implemented these practices and identify next steps
to enhance their efforts to support URM students in the STEM math pathway.

As chair of the AMATCY Pathways Joint Subcommittee, I invite you to react to the set of
practices and to express your commitment to building racial equity within the STEM
mathematics pathway.
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07-31-2020 11:40:15

I love the one page summary of what to implement. I especially keyed into the need to look at disaggregated data to recognize what is happening. I also reiterate the importance of engaging students in ways that challenge them and enable them to interact with each other. Thanks for this research and I look forward to sharing it with my colleagues this semester.