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IMPACT In Action - Standards Discussion #3

By Karen Gaines posted 08-25-2020 10:49:04

In Creating a Path to Success in the Classroom, Kathleen Gabriel states, “What happens in our classrooms is not the only factor to consider, but it is one that has a significant impact on students’ retention, persistence, and success at a college or university.”   What do you do in your classroom that has proven to encourage retention, persistence and success?
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08-25-2020 13:45:26

I begin the term by having my students share a bit about themselves. I ask them to consider sharing a picture.  I introduce myself to them sharing a family picture and letting them know how I spend my spare time.

I sent my students weekly announcements letting to keep in touch with them.

If a student is behind in the class and has not submitted work, I send them an email asking them how I can help them get caught up.