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IMPACT Plus - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in The First Two Years of College Mathematics

By Megan Breit-Goodwin posted 09-13-2021 10:30:42


We grow in our teaching when we listen, ask questions and investigate what happens in our classrooms and in our students’ learning. This commitment to be a lifelong learner keeps us evergreen in our teaching, and revitalizes us as educators. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is faculty inquiry that investigates questions about the relationship between student learning and their own teaching. It is contextualized and unique to individual classrooms, a faculty member’s teaching and their students’ learning. Findings are peer-reviewed and shared for others to build upon, and SoTL collectively builds a robust foundation of community knowledge about teaching and learning. SoTL integrates all dimensions of teaching into a reflective, systemic practice that is simultaneously teaching, professional learning, and scholarship.

The AMATYC Project SLOPE Research Fellows Program was a SoTL Program designed specifically for AMATYC members. The program began in 2018 and concluded in 2020. In the coming days, several SLOPE Fellows will share vignettes from their SoTL studies here on IMPACT Live. Each vignette represents early analysis of evidence that was collected in their SoTL work, and how SoTL impacted their teaching. 

There are many areas of our teaching and our students’ learning that have yet to be explored, especially within the arena of introductory college mathematics.  It is why we join our AMATYC community to learn together. When we learn together, we move our community forward and improve teaching and learning of our students. We encourage you to join us in making SoTL a part of your teaching practice. We want to learn with you.