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IMPACTful Thoughts - Placement: The First Step in Helping Students Succeed in Mathematics

By Rachel Bates posted 07-31-2021 13:55:26


Two major events, the pandemic and multiple measures, have affected how students have been placed into mathematics courses recently.  Going forward, there are questions about how the pandemic and multiple measures affect students’ ability to succeed in math courses.  As a first step, here are a collection of questions we might contemplate for this month’s discussions.

Please join us each week with a new topic:

Placement Philosophy and Implementation (week 1)

A math placement philosophy states the goal of placement at your college and guides the actions/policies you put in place to meet this goal.  Does your college have a placement philosophy, and is there agreement on this philosophy between all stakeholders (math faculty, enrollment services/registration staff, administrators, advisors, trustees, etc.)? 

Multiple Measures Focus (week 2)

If your college started using multiple measures as a response to the pandemic, will you continue to use them after the pandemic?

Trusting in the Assessment (week 3)

If your college employs a proctored placement test as part of the placement process, did you continue to require proctored placement during the pandemic or did you allow them to take it unproctored?  Do you trust that students are placed accurately by a non-proctored placement test?  How do you know?

Does the Process Work? (week 4)

What is your placement process? How frequently do you review your placement process?

Current Placement Structure (week 5)

What policies regarding placement changed at your college due to the pandemic?

What thoughts do you have about the weekly topics? Please join us throughout the month as we explore and engage in rich, deep conversations around these topics on IMPACT in Action!