• SRL Community under Construction

    A new Community has been created that anyone logged in can join.  It is dedicated to the Student Research League.  Content will be posted soon, so stay tuned!
  • Welcome to the Launch of myAMATYC!

    Thank you for joining us at myAMATYC!  There are many great things to explore on the site:
    1.  IMPACT Live! Spotlight of the Month
    2. Communities to join focusing on different areas of interest
    3. Insightful Discussions
    4. A Library of wonderful resources you can access and share your own file
    5. Networking with colleagues.

    If you do not have a login with AMATYC you may join as a Friend of AMATYC at no cost.

    This month's focus comes from Chapter 4 (OWNERSHIP) in IMPACT, our organizations signature document. 

    Click on over to IMPACTful Thoughts to read and comment on Karen Gaines' article
  • Spotlight on Ownership

    Head to the IMPACT Live! Community to learn more about Ownership - one of the four pillars of IMPACT.

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