• Challenge Problem Submissions

    Please use this form link to submit your team's project: SRL 2020 Submission by noon on March 29th (in your time zone). Select the form link, complete the form and attach the SRL files (from your computer) you wish to send. When you are sure you are ready to submit, press "submit." You may send yourself a copy of the submission email by selecting the "cc me" box and entering your email.


    1. Entries should be sent in a Word document with all of the appropriate content as well as in PDF form in which the title page and any other pages that contain information about the team (including names of the team, Mentor, or the college) must be altered to remove that information to allow for anonymity during the review purposes.

    2. Both files names should contain the college and the Faculty Mentor's last name (ex: Springfield Community College Simpson). The PDF file name will be altered by the SRL Coordinator before submittal to the Evaluators.
    If you have any questions, please contact Karen Gaines at  or Beverly Vance in the AMATYC Office at

  • 2021 Challenge Problem Posted

    The 2021 Challenge Problem is now available.
  • EDGE Summer Program

    The EDGE Summer Program is a four week program for women about to enter their first or second year in a graduate program in the mathematical sciences. Participants prepare for success in graduate school and beyond through rigorous coursework, collaborative problem sessions, and community building events.  The EDGE Summer Program is based in increasing diversity in the mathematical sciences.  Applications are due March 12, 2021.

    Apply here:

    For more information:

  • How to get Community Notifications

    There are 3 types of notification settings for the Project GAINS community:
    • Discussion Email - includes notifications of discussions only with the dropdown options of: Real Time, Daily Digest or No Email.
    • Consolidated Daily Digest - includes notifications of all community activity (including discussions) and must be checked to receive notifications of non-discussion activity even if "Daily Digest" is chosen from the discussion email dropdown.
    • Consolidated Weekly Digest - The same as the consolidated daily digest, but sent on a weekly basis.
    Make sure that your notifications are correct so that you don't miss out on any important information!
  • 2021 Competition

    The 2021 Student Research League official begins on January 1st when registration opens.  Registrations are due on March 8th, but team members may be changed until March 12th, when the Challenge Problem will be posted.  The teams have from March 12th-March 29th to complete and submit their entry.
  • SRL Community under Construction

    A new Community has been created that anyone logged in can join.  It is dedicated to the Student Research League.  Content will be posted soon, so stay tuned!
  • Welcome to the Launch of myAMATYC!

    Thank you for joining us at myAMATYC!  There are many great things to explore on the site:
    1.  IMPACT Live! Spotlight of the Month
    2. Communities to join focusing on different areas of interest
    3. Insightful Discussions
    4. A Library of wonderful resources you can access and share your own file
    5. Networking with colleagues.

    If you do not have a login with AMATYC you may join as a Friend of AMATYC at no cost.

    This month's focus comes from Chapter 4 (OWNERSHIP) in IMPACT, our organizations signature document. 

    Click on over to IMPACTful Thoughts to read and comment on Karen Gaines' article
  • Spotlight on Ownership

    Head to the IMPACT Live! Community to learn more about Ownership - one of the four pillars of IMPACT.

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