• Shariing Opportunity!

    This summer, we have an opportunity to foster discussions and share our ideas by hosting IMPACT Live! (located on The ITL ANet and Project ACCCESS will host the discussions in August with the theme of Student Success.

    Student Success can mean many things, but we're choosing to focus on how the changes we make impact students;  It takes so much effort and strength (in ourselves) for faculty to change the way we see things and try something different, but the changes from even a few small, brave steps can have a big impact on student success.

    What commitment is required?

    1. Attend a planning meeting  (~1 hour in the third week of June
    2. Build your bio on before August 1 so that participants can learn more about the hosts and guest bloggers on the site.
    3. Attend a “Progress Check-in” Meeting(s) to finalize the content for the month.
    4. During the month of August:  advertise IMPACT Live! to get our national colleagues to engage in conversation with us.
    5. During the month of August: Either post a blog with your thoughts/experiences about making a change in how you teach/grade OR post one question on our theme and monitor the thread for responses to keep the conversation going.

    Approximately three hours is needed in all, depending on how much you want to contribute (writing a blog could take more time)

    I hope you will engage in this important work with our teams!  Thank you in advance for your consideration. If you are interested or have questions about the commitment, please feel free to email Jennifer ( or Lisa (!

    General information:

    What is IMPACT Live!?

    The Mathematics Standards in the First Two Year of College (IMPACT) and IMPACT Live! is putting the crazy past year behind us and looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2022. The IMPACT Live! portals on website have been supporting discussions around emerging topics and monthly themes since June of 2020. The previous and current spotlight of the month themes center around the four pillars of the IMPACT document (PROWESS) and can be found throughout the four seasons of 2022 with the following hosts for the first season: 

    • Winter (Engagement)
      • January - Teaching for Prowess
      • February - Standards committee/Math Summit
      • March - AMATYC Board
    • Spring (OWnership)
      • April - International Mathematics ANET
      • May - Statistics ANET
      • June - Equity ANET 
    • Summer (Student Success)
      • July - Data Science
      • August - ITLC/Project ACCCESS
      • September - Developmental Mathematics ANET
    • Fall (PRoficiency)
      • October - Mathematics and its Applications
      • November - TBD
      • December - TBD

    Remember, IMPACT Live! is part of the website designed for mathematics instructors to collaborate with AMATYC members and friends while promoting AMATYC mathematical standards beyond the learning environments. This site is built for us by us. Its work is ongoing and the support of our many volunteers, guest bloggers and Community hosts who have helped design and grow the IMPACT Live! Community is greatly appreciated.   The portal and website will continue to flourish and mature as more members of our community are engaged in rich conversations about how to Improve Mathematical Prowess