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IMPACT in Action - Building Proficiency from Ownership

  • 1.  IMPACT in Action - Building Proficiency from Ownership

    Posted 10-08-2021 19:46:00
    I just watched the recording of Scott Adamson's workshop "Engaging Students to Actively Learn Rigorous Mathematics" as part of this month's spotlight (I highly recommend if you are interested - here's the link: All Access Public Library)

    Towards the end he encourages instructors to start lessons with a low-floor, high-ceiling task in order to give every student access to begin thinking about the concepts right away. This is central to the idea that students have to realize a NEED for the math before they will really work to develop proficiency.

    I'm curious if anyone has recommendations for coming up with good LFHC tasks - where do you find them, or what do you consider when creating them?

    Scot Pruyn
    Mathematics Faculty & Learning Center Coordinator
    Clackamas Community College