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  • 1.  IMPACT in Action #5 -  Looking Toward the Future

    Posted 04-28-2021 07:57:00

    The pandemic and other recent challenges have provided us with a plethora of experiences, tools and skills that will help us as we move forward. What takeaways will prepare you for future challenges? How will you use these to help others navigate those future challenges? 

    Christine Mirbaha
    Professor, Mathematics
    CC of Baltimore County - Dundalk
    Baltimore MD

  • 2.  RE: IMPACT in Action #5 -  Looking Toward the Future

    Posted 05-10-2021 11:40:00
    Oh my, it has been a good couple of semesters of challenges and feelings of both victory and being overwhelmed.  I think we can all agree that we've picked up a multitude of online learning/delivery tools​, but have we picked up on the reactions of our students during this time?  A little over a year ago during the spring semester, we were pushed into a sort of survival mode, and I noticed that my students felt overloaded and really wanted to back away from all the extra technology.  I think some of that feeling faded as my college was able to meet in person during the last two semesters, but I've hung onto that idea of simplicity for the students in my courses.  Give students the tools and teach them the technology that they will see in the field, but give them some flexibility into how often they want to engage with all of that.  So for myself and what I'd recommend to others for future challenges is to choose a simple route, stay personable and involved, and expect change.

    Joanna T. Jacobs
    Mid-Plains CC - North Platte South
    North Platte NE