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IMPACT in Action - Placement Philosophy and Implementation

  • 1.  IMPACT in Action - Placement Philosophy and Implementation

    Posted 07-31-2021 13:59:00
    Edited by Karen Gaines 07-31-2021 22:31:32
     A math placement philosophy states the goal of placement at your college and guides the actions/policies you put in place to meet this goal. 

    • Does your college have a placement philosophy, and is there agreement on this philosophy between all stakeholders (math faculty, enrollment services/registration staff, administrators, advisors, trustees, etc.)?  
    • Who is responsible for determining the types of placement at your college?  Who is responsible for implementing placement at your college?  How are decisions about placement made at your college?
    • Is your placement process welcoming to students?  Is it easy for students to navigate?  Does your process explain to prospective students the importance of math placement to their success in college?  
    • Can students place into different math pathways through your placement system?
    • Is your placement mandatory?  Do you guide students for options for placement and then trust them to make good choices (i.e. guided self-placement or directed self-placement), or do you feel it is necessary to enforce mandatory placement?  Explain your reasoning.

    Garrett Gregor
    Clark College
    Vancouver WA