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IMPACT In Action #3 - And the Winner Is...

  • 1.  IMPACT In Action #3 - And the Winner Is...

    Posted 03-18-2021 13:19:00
    Edited by Karen Gaines 03-18-2021 13:19:53

    Students can apply the statistics and data science skills that they have learned by engaging in competitions. For example, the American Statistical Association has sponsored "ASA DataFest" competitions and "This is Statistics" student contests related to voter behaviors, homelessness, the opioid addiction crisis, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and Probability and Risk. Have your students participated in any competitions?  How did you encourage them to do so?  What kind of support did you provide to them?  What advice do you have for others who would like to have their students participate in competitions? 

    Leah Beck
    Professor of Developmental Mathematics
    Collin College - McKinney Campus
    McKinney TX