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Emerging Technology and Precalculus/Calculus

  • 1.  Emerging Technology and Precalculus/Calculus

    Posted 07-15-2023 09:53:00

    Like many people, I occasionally looked for shortcuts when I struggled in mathematics classes, so it is not surprising that many of today's students use tools like ChatGPT, PhotoMath and wolframalpha to overcome difficulties.  But "productive struggle" is an essential part of learning mathematics, yet these tools subvert that process.  Furthermore, false impressions of student understanding will result in teaching decisions that do not meet the needs of students. One strategy that many colleges/universities are using is to forbid the use of artificial intelligence, yet most instructors believe that little is to be gained by being the "cheating police."  The reality is that these tools are here and students will use them.  

    Question:  How can emerging technological tools be used to promote student learning rather than subvert it in precalculus/calculus courses?

    Robert Cappetta
    Florida SouthWestern State College