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  • 1.  How to meditate when mind won't stop

    Posted 02-12-2023 13:02:00

    Back in December, I found a great article on "How to meditate when you're terrible at meditating" and saved the physical paper. Here's a link to that article.

    It gives lots of practical tips for people who have tried meditating but weren't successful. Nothing to worry about, everyone struggles when they sit still, Thoughts do not magically dissappear. Yet, there are various ways to practice - like body scans. walking meditation, sound mindfulness etc.

    I must add that group meditation is easier than individual meditation.

    Manisha Ranade
    Assistant Professor
    Santa Fe College
    Gainesville FL

  • 2.  RE: How to meditate when mind won't stop

    Posted 02-13-2023 02:37:00
    Edited by Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic 02-13-2023 02:37:50

    Thank you so much for sharing, Manisha! I am learning to improve in this area, so I appreciate the article. During the winter break, I could engage more in mindfulness through beginner's yoga and stretching sessions, each ending with a body scan or simply unwinding, listening to calming, relaxing music. It was a blessing to be there (we were in Oahu, and we explored the classes at "Still and Moving Center" - they also use Zoom and offer amazing sessions in person and online, like HyFlex; I hope to continue, though once the new semester starts, it is more challenging due to many responsibilities and general lack of time).

    Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic
    Full time faculty
    College of the Canyons
    Santa Clarita CA