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  • 1.  IMPACT in Action - Authentic Assessments

    Posted 08-28-2022 17:35:00
    Has anything you learned over the course of the pandemic changed your perspective on traditional, proctored exams? What alternative assessments, such as projects or interviews, have you implemented?

    Jennifer Ackerman
    Jefferson CTC
    Louisville KY

  • 2.  RE: IMPACT in Action - Authentic Assessments

    Posted 08-29-2022 10:25:00
    Hi Jennifer,
    During the remote learning I used forums (on myopenmath) as part of the assessment, students had to reply to each other (at least two posts per forum) and this created an online learning community.
    I also created handwriting assessment (called Inquiries), assessing the conceptual understanding, students had to upload a pdf (photo) of their answers in english. The goal was to make students think about mathematics independently.
    I did give the students an option for an oral exam (in person or via zoom) if they felt that the assessment did not measure correctly their understanding or they want to improve their grade. Around 5% of the students accepted my offer :).

    Now that we are back in person, I still assign Inquiries and the oral exam option is available to them, as well. And, if the students don't do well in a proctored exam, they have the option to redo it and come and explain orally the solution (they got wrong) by mentioning the mathematical knowledge used at each step taken. If they have learned what was assessed in the exam they can get up to 80% of the points they lost. 

    We discuss everything in class and  starting from a mistake in one solution generates an inquisitive and active learning environment.

    Bukurie Gjoci
    Assistant Professor
    CUNY - LaGuardia CC
    Long Islant City NY