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Poll to choose a common time for mindfulness webinars

  • 1.  Poll to choose a common time for mindfulness webinars

    Posted 05-11-2024 21:05:00


    Hope your spring semester went well, or perhaps it is just winding down. We, the facilitators of the "Mindfulness for well-being" group are looking to engage more members and grow our group. Do you have any suggestions? In the year 23-24, we tried changing the format, so that we can all learn and practice mindfulness. Outside speakers, were invited and they addressed topics such as Mindfulness and Happiness, Gratitude, Active listening etc. We were wondering whether the midweek afternoon time is inconvenient, particularly for the west coast folks. Currently, our meeting time is Wednesday afternoon 4pm EST or 1pm PST. Would a later time be more suitable, or perhaps Thursday would work better? Please take this survey to indicate your choices, and we can adjust accordingly. 

    Our next meetup is tentatively on June 19th, Wednesday, but it can be moved.


    Manisha Ranade
    Associate Professor
    Santa Fe College
    Gainesville FL