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Wellbeing and gratitude webinar on 17th

  • 1.  Wellbeing and gratitude webinar on 17th

    Posted 01-11-2024 13:46:00

    Good afternoon,

    Happy New year.

    We have just started the Spring semester and I am excited to teach Calculus for the first time. For a change, all students attend, are on task, participate and ask content questions in class. They'll keep me on my toes, and I have to be a step (week?) ahead of them.

    For the Well-being with Mindfulness group, we are planning two sessions with speakers during a semester. The first is next Wednesday, 17th Jan and the next March 27th. The time is 4pm to 5pm EST or 2pm to 3pm PST. Next week's speaker is a friend of mine, Prof. Jayashree Mahajan who was born in India, then moved to England at a young age and later came to the US. She has been a Statistics professor and is now teaching in the Business school at the University of Florida. She is a regular meditation practitioner and does a lot of volunteer work with empathy. Her topic is Well-being and gratitude, quite apt for the new year.

    Do register for the webinar. She's planning an interactive session,

    Manisha Ranade
    Associate Professor
    Santa Fe College
    Gainesville FL