2020 Virtual Conference

College Algebra & Precalculus panel Session with Author Dr. Paul Sisson - sponsored by Hawkes 

12-02-2020 13:36:21


Dr. Paul Sisson


Daniel Breuer

Marcel Prevuznak


Dr. Sisson is Professor of Mathematics Emeritus and Provost Emeritus and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Louisiana State University Shreveport. In addition to continuing to teach undergraduate and graduate mathematics throughout his career, he served in numerous administrative capacities including Department Chair, College Dean, Graduate Studies Dean, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Interim Chancellor. Dr. Sisson’s research articles in the area of infinite-dimensional topological vector spaces have appeared in Studia Mathematica and the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. His interests also include such diverse areas as math pedagogy and mathematical art, with articles appearing in Mathematics Magazine, College Mathematics Journal, and the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts.

Dr. Sisson published his first math textbook with Hawkes, College Algebra, in 2003, followed by Precalculus in 2006, College Algebra: A Concise Approach in 2011 and Calculus with Early Transcendentals in 2016. Most recently, he published the third editions of College Algebra and Precalculus (2020). Dr. Sisson’s teaching experience is reflected in his textbook writing, which emphasizes the historical and human aspects of math, calls upon the intuition of the reader, and uses modern technology to enable students to explore mathematics and develop mathematical confidence.

Daniel has been with the Content team at Hawkes Learning for 5 years now, and had the privilege of acting as a lead editor for the 3rd Editions of College Algebra and Precalculus. Before joining Hawkes, he was a Mathematics Instructor for 9 years at Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC. He also chaired the Mathematics Department for the last 4 of those years. Daniel earned his Master’s Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Education from the University of Florida.

Marcel joined Hawkes in 1999 and is the longest tenured employee behind James Hawkes, totaling 21 years with the Company. Marcel has served in a number of positions in product development where he played a critical role in creating Hawkes’ adaptive learning technology and proprietary courseware platform, enabling the Company to become the market leading innovator in the space. Marcel started with Hawkes as a Product Developer in 1999, served as the Director of Product Development for the two years following and was promoted to Vice President of Research & Development in 2001. Marcel holds a BS degree in Mathematics, BA degree in Physics and an MS degree in Mathematics from the College of Charleston. Additionally, Marcel serves as an Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics at a technical college in the Charleston area.


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