2020 Virtual Conference

Keynote Session sponsored by Hawkes - Addressing Faculty Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma: Recover, Renew, and Rewire 

11-06-2020 12:00:11

Presented by Dr. Janet Zadina Ph.D.

Description: People cannot perform at their potential when highly stressed. Anxiety, stress, and trauma impair memory, attention span, critical thinking, and many more crucial faculties. It is imperative to address this during the challenging times caused by COVID-19. The trauma faculty may experience personally can have far-reaching effects, even affecting students as they, too, navigate this high-stress situation. Helping teachers reduce stress and protect their mental and physical health during this time is a major priority that can positively impact student performance. This presentation will teach faculty, staff, and administrators stress-reducing strategies that allow for recovery and help them rewire negative patterns in their brains to move towards resilience and greater happiness.

Dr. Zadina provided this link for more information:  brainresarch.us/copingwithCOVID19.html

More info will be added if provided.


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