2020 Virtual Conference

Saving Future Teachers Money through OER and Virtual Manipulatives 

11-07-2020 20:37:05

Do you want to save your preservice teachers money? In this interactive presentation we will share OER resources and tools including the use of virtual manipulatives for our math preservice teachers’ courses. You will be engaged as we explore these virtual manipulatives tied with OER activities.



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Slides from our talk


11-08-2020 08:47:06

Liked the idea of Ten Count!.

  • Any player can start off the count saying, “One.”  Any player can say “two” at any time.  The goal is for the group to get to 10. 
  • However, if two players call out a number AT THE SAME TIME, the group must start over.  
I could see adapting that game such as saying primes or radian measurements around the unit circle.  I also loved the Yoda slide.

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