2020 Virtual Conference

The Professor Goes to School...and Gets Schooled 

12-03-2020 16:17:05

What does 100 hours working with elementary teachers and students during a sabbatical equal? A win-win-win ... 250+ artifacts, 14+ new activities, free labor for dedicated teachers. This session has broad appeal, with resources for preservice teacher educators, as well as lots of food for thought for any math instructor.
A video recording of the session will be posted when it is made available to AMATYC.
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This is my video highlighting my work with elementary students that allowed me to develop 14 activities and countless artifacts for use in the Mathematics for Elementary Teachers courses. I also make the case for teaching MFET...MFET for all profs! Here is the link to the Google Drive with the activities that I promised in the video. Make sure to make copies of anything before you edit and make your own. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Cb4tRZkn2PVJMzk3RMqNy3rrnX_oG2CO?usp=sharing

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