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 This month of IMPACT Live! is hosted by the

Research in Mathematics Education for Two-Year Colleges (RMETYC)

and International Mathematics Academic Networks!

Next Month's Host(s): Developmental Mathematics ANet!

We are excited to see you at the 2024 Conference in Atlanta where AMATYC’s various Standards Revision Groups (SRG) will share their progress as they continue to solicit feedback from our membership.

Welcome Message from the RMETYC and International Mathematics ANets: 

Welcome to the April 2024 Impact Live page hosted jointly by the Research in Mathematics Education for Two-Year Colleges (RMETYC) and the International Mathematics ANets. In this month, we will focus on how our teaching approaches have been influenced by our international students and colleagues, and how research can inform us about best teaching practices. For example, Stigler and Hiebert (1999) and Ma (1999) had found that mathematics teaching and learning in the United States focuses on procedures and calculations, yet approaches in other countries are different and emphasize conceptual learning. In the upcoming discussion, we will share what we have learned from international colleagues and students who have influenced our approaches or have challenged our thinking about pedagogy. Also, research articles that have impacted our understanding of how students learn mathematics will be discussed. We invite you to share what other topics you wish to learn about from an international perspective.

If these Academic Networks interest you, please join us this month by replying to our blog(s) and discussion(s)!


Ma, L. (1999). Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Stigler, J. W., & Hiebert, J. (1999). The Teaching Gap. New York: Free Press

Program Keys:

PD - Professional Development and Department/Division Interests

IG - International, Cultural and General Interest

RG - Research and Grants

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