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Equity Practices that Enhance Mathematics Learning: From In-Person to Virtual/Online Classes
Sponsored by the Equity Committee

This month, we focus on practices across the four IMPACT pillars that (1) lead to equitable mathematics access and attainment and (2) can be implemented at key points throughout the term in any mathematics learning environment including online/virtual courses.

Spotlight of the Month Team Members with link to bios: Jennifer Ackerman, Helen Burn, Lucy Michal, Micah Miller, Nancy Rivers, & AJ Stachelek

AMATYC Program Keys:  EQ, RG, PD 

Meet Equity Committee Chair

My name is AJ Stachelek and I am the current chairperson of the AMATYC Equity Committee. My interest in equity is a personal one, as I have had the opportunity to experience the impact systems can have on access, opportunity, and beliefs through my identity as a transman. These experiences have informed my work as an educator and are the source of my deep desire for equity in mathematics education. Equity to me is not as simple as providing the resources necessary to support student success. Equity is a balancing act of providing the resources necessary to overcome the barriers that currently exist in the system, while simultaneously trying to remove them completely. Throughout my entire professional work, I recognize the importance of equity above all else. I am honored to be given the opportunity to chair the Equity Committee and know that the road to improving these systems will be long, difficult, and fundamental. Whether you are just beginning to consider the importance of equity in your instruction or have been interested in it since day one like myself, we have something for you. I look forward to our conversations this month and the years that follow!

About the Sponsoring Committee

The purpose of the Equity Committee is to increase mathematics achievement for diverse learners.

The committee:

  • educates about equitable classroom practices and fosters a dialogue on how to improve them;
  • provides opportunities to learn about and discuss structural inequality and organizational change;
  • increases awareness about issues of diversity within AMATYC membership and leadership; and
  • works collaboratively with other AMATYC committees, Project ACCCESS, and ANets to promote equity.



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    This month's focus comes from Chapter 4 (OWNERSHIP) in IMPACT, our organizations signature document. 

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