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This year we shift our focus to the Standards Revision Groups (SRG) and will highlight a different chapter of IMPACT each month. We start with chapter 7:"Continue the Ripple" of IMPACT.  

Hosting Group this month is: Standards Committee

This month of IMPACT Live! is hosted by the Standards Committee and is rolling into 2023 with some added features. It will serve as the platform where AMATYC’s various Standards Revision Groups (SRG) will share their progress and solicit feedback from our membership


Welcome Message from the AMATYC Standards Committee:

Each month IMPACT Live! will highlight a different ANet or AMATYC group through the Spotlight of the Month. This gives them an opportunity to share with our membership what is new in their specific area and what they are working on through the Monthly Blog and Discussion posts on the 1st and 15th of the month. We will continue to emphasize PROWESS, the four pillars of the IMPACT document, and IMPACT LiveWire podcasts highlighting various people that advance and promote AMATYC’s principles.

Each Standards Revision Groups (SRG) will share their progress and solicit input from our membership as it develops the digital enhanced versions of Crossroads, Beyond Crossroads, and IMPACT, as well as current AMATYC Position Papers. The goal of  IMPACT Live! is to get back to its roots in being a living extension of our signature IMPACT document. 

It is NOT too late to get involved and if you are interested in being a part of the IMPACT review team or any SRG please contact Julie Phelps, the chair of the Standards Committee, and go to the IMPACT Live! site to check out the latest news, hosts, and podcasts that support the IMPACT document.

Conference Keys:
SM - Strategies and Mindset for Student Success
EQ  - Equity and Inclusivity
PD - Professional Development and Department/Division Interests
TL - Technology and E-Learning

IMPACT Live! Features

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