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Hosting Group this month is: Developmental Mathematics Academic Network

This month of IMPACT Live! is hosted by Developmental Mathematics Academic Network, but we continue rolling into 2023 focusing AMATYC’s various Standards Revision Groups (SRG) and will share their progress as they solicit feedback from our membership

This month's 
Chapter highlight is: Chapter 9: IMPACTing the Future

Welcome Message from the Developmental Mathematics Academic Network:

Welcome to this month’s IMPACT Live discussion!  Throughout this month, we will be focusing on practices that increase student success in Developmental Mathematics courses.  I know what some readers are thinking because I have been hearing it a lot over the past few years.  Some readers are thinking, “I thought they got rid of developmental math”, or “my institution does not do developmental math anymore”.  But the reality is that nearly all community colleges do still offer developmental math; when the developmental content is being delivered in Corequisite Courses rather than Prerequisite courses, it is not always as obvious, but it certainly does exist!  With this significant shift in the delivery of developmental math content, more and more math faculty are recognizing the need for support.  If you are looking for support in teaching either prerequisite dev math or corequisite courses, then the Developmental Mathematics A-Net is a Great Place to Start!  Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting discussions on increasing student success in these courses.  Jump in to share your ideas, as your questions and connect with colleagues across the continent.

Conference Keys:
SM - Strategies and Mindset for Student Success
EQ  - Equity and Inclusivity
PD - Professional Development and Department/Division Interests
TL - Technology and E-Learning

Team Members: Kim Granger

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