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Hosting Group this month is: Innovative Technology and Learning Academic Network

This month of IMPACT Live! is hosted by Innovative Technology and Learning Academic Network (ITL ANet), but we continue rolling towards the 2023 Conference in OMAHA and focusing on AMATYC’s various Standards Revision Groups (SRG) and will share their progress as they continue to solicit feedback from our membership

This month's 
Chapter highlight is: Chapter 9: IMPACTing the Future

Welcome Message from the Innovative Technology and Learning Network (ITL ANet): 

Welcome to the IMPACT Live! Spotlight of the Month for September, hosted by the Innovative Technology and Learning Academic Network (ITL ANet)! The guiding principles from the four AMATYC pillars of PROWESS frequently come together in ways that reinforce and support each other. By inspiring students to develop intrinsic motivation to learn mathematics, teachers weave elements that support both student ownership and engagement. Students who take ownership of their learning are much more engaged with their class and its content. Their intrinsic motivation helps them move beyond moments of frustration into a stage of “productive struggle” and, finally, on to creative and higher-order thinking. This forum is a great opportunity for faculty to share how they inspire students. Creative assignments, relevant applications, and inquiry based learning are just some of the ways that teachers engage students. By sharing their passion and giving students a glimpse of mathematical beauty, teachers can inspire students to light their own fire from within.

Conference Keys:
SM  - Strategies and Mindset for Student Success
PD - Professional Development and Department/Division Interests
TL - Technology and E-Learning

Team Members: Jennifer Ackerman, Luke Walsh

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